The Continuous Improvement Focus of the Six Sigma Green Belt Program

Paul Iaderosa is an experienced operations executive who helped HD Supply (formerly Home Depot Supply) achieve major cost savings through a global vendor rationalization initiative. Paul Iaderosa has completed the executive leadership course offered by the Home Depot and earned Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

Designed for a wide range of executives, from project and quality-control managers to business analysts, the Six Sigma Green Belt program focuses on implementing and guiding process-improvement activities. Statistical and problem-solving skills are emphasized, with the goal of helping participants gain insight into ways of evaluating current performance and defining improvement opportunities. The program gives high priority to consideration of customer needs and expectations and to redesigning processes in ways that serve them better. Ultimately, Six Sigma Green Belt principles provide the basis for continuous improvement in the workplace, which drives efficiencies in highly competitive markets. The measurement-based methodology can change the employee culture and mindset, helping ensure high performance and significantly enhancing the corporate bottom line.


Drop Shipping Within the Wholesale Distribution Industry

American executive professional Paul Iaderosa worked as the Vice President of Operations, Sourcing, Distribution Services, and Canada at HD Supply, a large-scale diversified North American wholesale distributor. With extensive experience in vendor relations and global manufacturing, Paul Iaderosa guided distribution, logistics, sourcing, and corporate operations within the organization.

Drop shipping is a popular business model within the supply chain management industry in which a retailer partners with a wholesale distribution company that takes responsibility for order fulfillment. The advantages of a drop shipping arrangement are that retailers are not required to handle inventory, to deal with storing large product quantities, or to manage the shipping of products to customers. Rather, the products are shipped directly to the customers from the distributor, who may charge shipping and/or handling fees. The distributor may also deal with product returns.

Drop shipping is popular with small businesses that have limited capital, as the need for large inventory purchases is avoided. Additionally, large storage space areas are not required. This means businesses may offer a wide range of products to customers, and simply forward the orders on to the wholesale distributor to be fulfilled as necessary.

Association of the United States Army Hosts Golf Events to Raise Funds

Paul Iadersoa, a former senior vice president of HD Supply based in Atlanta, is a member of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA). Created in the 1950s, the non-profit organization supports everything pertaining to national security while helping those who serve in the U.S. army. There are three types of membership, including individual, corporate, and sustaining. Individual memberships are for active military members, their families, and citizens. Corporate membership is best suited for businesses, and the sustaining membership is for defense industry companies.

These members make up more than 100 chapters scattered across the country. With the help of these volunteers, the AUSA raises money for scholarships, awards, and for the families of soldiers. Each chapter has its own events, some of which include a Veteran’s Day golf tournament at Hunter Golf Club in Connecticut, and the North Texas Golf Classic at the Firewheel Golf Park in Texas.

Paul Iaderosa earned his bachelor’s degree in history from the Virginia Military Institute, which he attended on a Reserved Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship. He earned his master’s degree in business and international affairs from the University of Pittsburgh, where he attended on an army fellowship.

Understanding Global Mindset

Senior executive Paul Iaderosa draws on both his military experience and business savvy to bring exceptional leadership to organizations. Paul Iaderosa has several years of experience within the manufacturing, distribution, and technology industries both in the Unites States and overseas.

Global mindset is often defined as using awareness of and openness to cultural and market diversity to see both patterns and potential. Cultural diversity is something to recognize as a positive and useful tool in the implementation of business practices. Global mindset is seen as a crucial quality that an organization must possess in order to become an international company.

Thunderbird School of Global Management further outlines the qualities that make up a global mindset. The school includes qualities such as cosmopolitan outlook, international business savvy, an appreciation of diversity, diplomacy, and intercultural empathy in the mix. Some steps that companies can take to promote a global mindset during international business expansion include reconciling cultural misunderstandings and differences, increasing the level of cultural diversity within management teams, and adapting marketing strategies to tolerate cultural differences.

The Foundations of Supply Chain Management

Executive Paul Iaderosa has highly specialized expertise in strategic development, sourcing and operations, and manufacturing and distribution. While serving HD Supply as the senior vice president, Paul Iaderosa successfully managed daily operations, sourcing, and vendor relations. Given his years of experience in various business and manufacturing settings, he is highly competent in supply chain management.
Supply Chain
The process followed by a company leading up to the delivery of a service or product to clients is known as supply chain management. Many intricate steps take place, often involving numerous organizations, which makes supply chain management both complex and necessary. Beginning with the sourcing of materials, the process then involves developing a product or service, storage, logistics, final delivery, and returns. Companies must develop processes that facilitate smooth communication at every step of the process.

When implementing a supply chain management process, structure and efficiency are essential, particularly in modern workplaces where corporations expand rapidly, environmental issues affect daily operations, and strategic business relationships within the supply chain must be well maintained. Although most commonly found within a corporate environment, supply chain management has also been adopted for projects such as emergency response following natural disasters.

Paul Iaderosa on the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

The Presidio of Monterey’s Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DFIFLC) is one of the most intensive and well-respected language schools in operation today. The DFIFLC handles the language instruction for all branches of the U.S. military as well as members of the Department of Defense. Instruction takes place five days a week, seven hours daily in 23 languages and two dialects. Programs vary in length from 26 to 64 weeks.

Almost all of the faculty members teaching languages are native speakers of what’s being taught and are integral to the development of the Center’s curricula. The training one receives in this environment is perhaps the most intensive found anywhere in the world, and includes immersion portions that place students in real-world scenarios and in circumstances that preclude the use of English. The center also is responsible for maintaining the readiness and linguistic fluency of its graduates, and offers refresher courses, pamphlet supplements and self-directed learning DVDs.

About the Author:
Paul Iaderosa graduated in 1992 from the DFIFLC, where he studied French and German. Mr. Iaderosa is currently a Senior Vice President with HD Supply, a wholesale distribution company.

HD Supply, National Provider of Waterworks Products: An Interview with Paul Iaderosa


Industrial distribution giant HD Supply is the No. 1 national supplier of waterworks products. Two keys to its success are having a wide array of offerings to meet the needs of contractors and municipalities, and a 96 percent order-fulfillment rate. Paul Iaderosa, Senior Vice President of Operations, Sourcing, Distribution Services and Canada, tells us more about this HD Supply line of business.

Q. Please provide a brief overview of HD Supply’s waterworks offerings.

Paul Iaderosa: HD Supply offers a complete line of products that are instrumental in water and wastewater building, maintenance, and repair. These include pipes, valves, hydrants, fittings, metering systems, casting, and much more. In addition, HD Supply provides several value-added services—such as inventory management, water system audits, and control valve testing and repair—to support both municipal infrastructure and residential and commercial construction.

Q. What are some differentiators that distinguish HD Supply from the competition?

Mr. Iaderosa: HD Supply has a unique Customer Advantage Program (CAP) that provides advanced materials management capabilities at no cost to our customers. Through CAP, we provide valuable services such as invoice coding, project estimating tools, and online project tracking.

Q. How does HD Supply ensure that customers’ delivery needs are met?

Mr. Iaderosa: HD Supply has over 265 locations in 41 states providing waterworks and fire protection supplies to customers. Plus, we have over 1,000 delivery vehicles and a top-notch team focused on providing superior, localized service.