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Association of the United States Army Hosts Golf Events to Raise Funds

Paul Iadersoa, a former senior vice president of HD Supply based in Atlanta, is a member of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA). Created in the 1950s, the non-profit organization supports everything pertaining to national security while helping those who serve in the U.S. army. There are three types of membership, including individual, corporate, and sustaining. Individual memberships are for active military members, their families, and citizens. Corporate membership is best suited for businesses, and the sustaining membership is for defense industry companies.

These members make up more than 100 chapters scattered across the country. With the help of these volunteers, the AUSA raises money for scholarships, awards, and for the families of soldiers. Each chapter has its own events, some of which include a Veteran’s Day golf tournament at Hunter Golf Club in Connecticut, and the North Texas Golf Classic at the Firewheel Golf Park in Texas.

Paul Iaderosa earned his bachelor’s degree in history from the Virginia Military Institute, which he attended on a Reserved Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship. He earned his master’s degree in business and international affairs from the University of Pittsburgh, where he attended on an army fellowship.


Understanding Global Mindset

Senior executive Paul Iaderosa draws on both his military experience and business savvy to bring exceptional leadership to organizations. Paul Iaderosa has several years of experience within the manufacturing, distribution, and technology industries both in the Unites States and overseas.

Global mindset is often defined as using awareness of and openness to cultural and market diversity to see both patterns and potential. Cultural diversity is something to recognize as a positive and useful tool in the implementation of business practices. Global mindset is seen as a crucial quality that an organization must possess in order to become an international company.

Thunderbird School of Global Management further outlines the qualities that make up a global mindset. The school includes qualities such as cosmopolitan outlook, international business savvy, an appreciation of diversity, diplomacy, and intercultural empathy in the mix. Some steps that companies can take to promote a global mindset during international business expansion include reconciling cultural misunderstandings and differences, increasing the level of cultural diversity within management teams, and adapting marketing strategies to tolerate cultural differences.