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The Foundations of Supply Chain Management

Executive Paul Iaderosa has highly specialized expertise in strategic development, sourcing and operations, and manufacturing and distribution. While serving HD Supply as the senior vice president, Paul Iaderosa successfully managed daily operations, sourcing, and vendor relations. Given his years of experience in various business and manufacturing settings, he is highly competent in supply chain management.
Supply Chain
The process followed by a company leading up to the delivery of a service or product to clients is known as supply chain management. Many intricate steps take place, often involving numerous organizations, which makes supply chain management both complex and necessary. Beginning with the sourcing of materials, the process then involves developing a product or service, storage, logistics, final delivery, and returns. Companies must develop processes that facilitate smooth communication at every step of the process.

When implementing a supply chain management process, structure and efficiency are essential, particularly in modern workplaces where corporations expand rapidly, environmental issues affect daily operations, and strategic business relationships within the supply chain must be well maintained. Although most commonly found within a corporate environment, supply chain management has also been adopted for projects such as emergency response following natural disasters.