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HD Supply, National Provider of Waterworks Products: An Interview with Paul Iaderosa


Industrial distribution giant HD Supply is the No. 1 national supplier of waterworks products. Two keys to its success are having a wide array of offerings to meet the needs of contractors and municipalities, and a 96 percent order-fulfillment rate. Paul Iaderosa, Senior Vice President of Operations, Sourcing, Distribution Services and Canada, tells us more about this HD Supply line of business.

Q. Please provide a brief overview of HD Supply’s waterworks offerings.

Paul Iaderosa: HD Supply offers a complete line of products that are instrumental in water and wastewater building, maintenance, and repair. These include pipes, valves, hydrants, fittings, metering systems, casting, and much more. In addition, HD Supply provides several value-added services—such as inventory management, water system audits, and control valve testing and repair—to support both municipal infrastructure and residential and commercial construction.

Q. What are some differentiators that distinguish HD Supply from the competition?

Mr. Iaderosa: HD Supply has a unique Customer Advantage Program (CAP) that provides advanced materials management capabilities at no cost to our customers. Through CAP, we provide valuable services such as invoice coding, project estimating tools, and online project tracking.

Q. How does HD Supply ensure that customers’ delivery needs are met?

Mr. Iaderosa: HD Supply has over 265 locations in 41 states providing waterworks and fire protection supplies to customers. Plus, we have over 1,000 delivery vehicles and a top-notch team focused on providing superior, localized service.


The American Legion

Executive Paul Iaderosa maintains involvement with an array of professional, philanthropic, and advocacy organizations. Paul Iaderosa supports the Virginia Military Institute and the American Red Cross and remains active with the Pitt Alumni Association, the Mercedes Benz Club of America, and the National Rifle Association. A proud veteran, Paul Iaderosa also belongs to the Association of the United States Army and the American Legion.

The American Legion ranks as the United States’ single largest veterans service organization currently in operation, boasting a distinct department for every U.S. state and territory. Commanding approximately 2.4 million members across the globe, the American Legion supports an array of programs that assist veterans and contribute to local communities. The American Legion focuses on promoting patriotism, hosting local mentoring and community education initiatives, and advocating for a strong national defense. The guiding pillars of the American Legion include Americanism, Children & Youth, National Security & Foreign Relations, Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, and Community Service.

Established by Congress in 1919, the American Legion maintains a largely grassroots constituency. In addition to a number of highly effective and ongoing initiatives such as American Legion Baseball, Boys Nation, and the Heroes to Hometowns program, the American Legion has directed millions of dollars toward supporting veterans and their families, notably offering a variety of scholarship options. The American Legion also supports lobbying initiatives directed toward issues that affect U.S. veterans’ rights. The American Legion sustains a number of national committees oriented toward developing the organization and maintaining relationships with affiliated groups, such as the Sons of the American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, the American Legion maintains an additional office in Washington, D.C. Collectively, the American Legion commands approximately 14,000 posts worldwide. The American Legion remains a nonprofit organization, supported entirely through membership dues and the generosity of its volunteers. For more information regarding the American Legion and its ongoing activities, please visit

A Brief Overview of Specialty Construction Products Provided by HD Supply by Paul Iaderosa

About the Author: A resident of Duluth, Georgia, Paul Iaderosa serves HD Supply as its Senior Vice President of Operations and Sourcing. Mr. Iaderosa has maintained his current responsibilities at the wholesale distribution company since 2007, and he formerly held the position of HD Supply’s Company Officer. Over the course of Paul Iaderosa’s career with HD Supply, he has managed a team of executive leaders, played an important role in the purchase of the Hughes Supply business in 2006, and added Canada to the company’s service area in 2008.

Providing infrastructure, energy and maintenance, repair, and improvement products, HD Supply’s selection of specialty construction items is unsurpassed by any other distributor in the industry. In this brief overview, I’ll outline a short list of HD Supply’s specialty construction offerings.

1. White Cap. Large and medium-sized contractors may purchase White Cap products like pipe and fittings, concrete and masonry hand tools and accessories, decorative and stamped concrete accessories, 3M fire protection items, and erosion control products through HD Supply. HD Supply remains an industry leader in White Cap distribution nationwide.

2. Plumbing/HVAC. Supplies like faucets, tankless water heaters, chemicals and compounds, water filters and softeners, and pumps and tanks are available through the HD Supply plumbing and HVAC department. This department’s inventory is perfect for those in residential, commercial, government, institutional, and light industrial capacities. With Plumbing/HVAC centers in 17 states, HD Supply offers regional kitchen and bath showrooms that showcase the company’s upscale fixture offerings for the home.

3. Creative Touch Interiors. A provider of upscale interior finish solutions for those in the construction industry, Creative Touch Interiors manufactures cabinets and many different kinds of flooring, countertops, and window coverings. HD Supply is the nation’s number-one supplier of Creative Touch Interiors products, and the company also provides turnkey supply and installation services for its wide range of clientele.

National Rifle Association

Paul Iaderosa actively participates in the National Rifle Association, the premiere gun-oriented advocacy and education organization in the world today. In addition to hosting a variety of comprehensive and highly effective gun education programs directed toward both civilians and law enforcement personnel, the NRA engages in a fierce, ongoing political defense of U.S. Second Amendment rights and related civil liberties. According to Fortune magazine, lawmakers and congressional staffers have ranked the NRA as the single most influential lobbying organization.

The origins of the National Rifle Association lie in the disappointment of Union veterans General George Wingate and Colonel William C. Church at the overwhelmingly poor marksmanship demonstrated by their troops. As a result, the two men founded the NRA six years after the American Civil War. Receiving its first official charter from New York State in 1871, the National Rifle Association proceeded to construct a rifle range on Long Island for the purposes of training and annual marksmanship tournaments.

Today, the National Rifle Association remains a leader in gun-related education. In 1949, the NRA began the first specifically hunting-oriented education program in the United States. With the development of the NRA Police Firearms Instructor certification initiative in 1960, the organization assumed its present role as the sole firearms training organization for national law enforcement officers. Today, the National Rifle Association maintains exceptional programs covering the fundamentals of pistol, shotgun, and rifle operation, as well as muzzle-loading firearms and general personal protection. The National Rifle Association educates approximately 750,000 individuals each year in gun-related skills and the fundamentals of responsible weapon ownership.

The NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim seminars have assisted over 15,000 civilians in creating personal safety strategies. Established in 1988, the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program instructs children in kindergarten to sixth grade to immediately “Stop. Don’t touch. Leave the area,” and “Tell an adult,” if they encounter an unsupervised firearm. To date, this initiative has educated over 21 million children.

The National Rifle Association is the oldest continually operating civil rights organization in the United States today. Commanding approximately 4 million constituents around the globe, the NRA currently boasts more than 55,000 certified instructors, as well as almost 2,800 coaches working specifically with young competitors and 10,000 individuals operating as NRA-certified security and law enforcement firearms instructors. The National Rifle Association maintains international headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. For more information regarding the National Rifle Association, please visit